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In a matter of hours, the Gilmores will officially be back in our lives.

And have we mentioned how excited we are for this reunion?

Kim’s stern ways rubbed off on Lane, but we have a feeling that Lane is a cool mom who lets her kids listen to music, watch TV, and engage in discussions with the opposite sex outside of bible study.But while she struggles to find her way, does she have a new man by her side? It remains TBD whether or not she’s currently romantically linked with any of them, but we just want to catch up with the three guys who repeatedly made Rory swoon.While we’re pretty sure she’s outgrown her Dean phase (if it was going to work out between those two in the long run, it would have happened the second time they gave it a try), Jess is a solid contender.After 20 years of their on-and-off relationship, things finally ended for Lorelei and Christopher in Season 7.After suddenly rekindling their romance following Lorelai’s fight with Luke, Rory’s parents tied the knot on a whim in Paris.

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